Sunday School Lesson 826 Paul in Rome Christ Refused / Sin's Blindness

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Lesson: 826 Lesson Name: Paul in Rome
Theme: Christ Refused / Sin's Blindness

Reading: Acts 28:11-31

Memroy Verse: Acts 28:28
Memory Verse Text: Be it known therefore unto you, that the salvation of God is sent unto the Gentiles, and they will hear it.

Attention Getter:

Point 1: The journey goes on. Word had somehow reached the believers, and Paul is greeted by Christian Brethren near Rome. What a joy that must have been to him. Nonetheless, he is at last brought to Rome but allowed to dwell in his own place under guard.
Point 2: Paul immediately begins to reach the Jews of Rome - tirelessly working to convince them from the OT Scriptures about the Saviour of sinners. Some believed and some believed not.
Point 3: IN finality, He brings before them the truth of Isaiah and having sought to win them to the best of his ability he turns to the Gentiles. At least those who heard it considered what he said v29.
Point 4: Notice his activity for two years while waiting for his own trial. Plainly powerfully and confidently he preaches the Lord Jesus Christ (the full title no doubt reminds us of the fullness of the presentation of His claims).