Sunday School Lesson 825 Bitten by a Viper Paul at Malta

Lesson: 825 Lesson Name: Bitten by a Viper!
Theme: God's Wonderful Ways

Reading: Acts 28:1-10

Memroy Verse: Ps. 145:20
Memory Verse Text: The Lord preserveth all them that love Him.

Attention Getter:

Point 1: Landing at Melita (called the island of Malta today) where Paul was given three months to powerfully influence the people there. These gentiles were so kind - but an incident was going cause these people to see Paul in a new light.
Point 2: Bitten by a viper - he shakes it off into the fire. Perhaps this caused Paul a moments concern but he had the promise of God that he would not die here - see Acts 23:11.
Point 3: First the attention of the people is focussed on him and they are convinced that he is very bad. Then when no harm comes - they concluded he must be a god. God has marvelous ways of making our testimony more effective. Now when Paul speaks - they are going to listen.
Point 4: Not only so - but Paul is instrumental in the wonderful healing of Publius' father. Others too got in on the blessing and we may be sure Paul did not miss the opportunity of preaching just who was really responsible!

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