Sunday School Lesson 822 Paul in the Court of Felix

Lesson: 822 Lesson Name: Paul in the Court of Felix
Theme: Real Opportunity / World's Attraction

Reading: Acts 24:1-27

Memroy Verse: II Cor. 6:2
Memory Verse Text: Behold now is the accepted time; behold now is the day of salvation.

Attention Getter:

Point 1: The Jewish Leaders appear in force with a noted orator to present their case with class. Using flattery and pleasant words Tertullus tries to malign Paul as though he were a trouble maker and a political foe. Also seeks for sympathy by hinting that their privileges and rights were violently abused when Paul was spirited away by Lysias.
Point 2: Paul is called to defend himself. He speaks forthrightly and clearly and yet in a manner which would glorify his Lord. He uses his opportunity wisely. Aptly showing that they had not yet managed to outline any evil action on his part.
Point 3: Felix knew more than he would admit to. He deferred the issue likely because it was politically expedient to defuse the troublemaking Jews. Later Paul is able to speak again of the faith in Christ and with such obvious power that Felix trembled but yet put the matter off.
Point 4: Sadly he was more interested in money than he was in the matter of his eternal welfare. Though he heard him often - we never hear of him trembling again. Sad when a person gets hardened to these truths. Felix - even after two years of Paul's influence - does what was politically correct - to please the Jews - he leaves Paul unjustly bound.

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