Sunday School Lesson 821 Apostle Paul is Arrested in Jerusalem

Lesson: 821 Lesson Name: They Arrested Paul in Jerusalem
Theme: God's Wonderful Ways

Reading: Acts 21:1-40

Memroy Verse: II Timothy 1:12
Memory Verse Text: I am not ashamed: for I know whom I have believed.

Attention Getter:

Point 1: Paul says goodbye to the believers in Ephesus leaving there to Greece - where he spent three months till the Jews were determined to kill him. It would seem that he went to Thessalonica and perhaps even Corinth before returning by way of Troas (where they specifically waited till the Lord's day in order to remember the Lord) enroute again through Miletus - and it was here he called for the Ephesian Elders to meet with him.
Point 2: He reminds them of both his past and his present purpose. He reminds them of God's grace which is sufficient to help them in the care of the Church and also the responsibility that they have as shepherds (plural) to protect and guide God's flock.
Point 3: There is great sorrow as they part knowing what he is certain will befall him in Jerusalem. They then sail to Tyre and on to eventually arrive at Caesarea. Paul confesses "I am ready" Acts 21:13. At Jerusalem he gives a missionary report and less that a week later he is falsely accused and when the Jews were about to kill him, he is rescued by the Roman forces.
Point 4: Eventually given permission to speak - they give him an ear until he speaks of the Gentiles and rise up against him. That night the Lord stands by him with specific instruction and encouragement. The Jews plan to make occasion to slay him but word leaks out and Paul is secreted away and remanded to a higher court.