Sunday School Lesson 810 Apostle Peter's Jail Break

Lesson: 810 Lesson Name: Peter's Jailbreak
Theme: God's Faithfulness / Judgement's Certainty

Reading: Acts 12:1-25

Memory Verse: Psalm 145:18
Memory Verse Text: The Lord is nigh unto all that call upon Him.

Printable Activity8 page mini book  to fold and color about the story of Peter's great escape from prison. For hundreds of other puzzles and projects, see the Sunday school resource page.

Peter Jail Break Story Book 

Attention Getter: What is the best escape from jail movie you have ever seen? or If God answered your prayer would you believe it when it was answered?

Point 1: The persecution began to get very ugly. Herod has James, John's brother executed with a sword. When it pleased the agitating Jews, he took Peter too. Peter is put in prison, and four groups of soldiers rotate to guard him. He intends to satisfy the lust for blood by later bringing him out to the people.
Point 2: God's people pray. Perhaps even Peter thought this was the time the Lord had spoken of in John 21:18 (crucifixion) though he was not yet old! Though so closely guarded, God's messenger goes where no one else would dare, and delivers him. He does not kill the keepers - to whom Peter had likely communicated the Word of Salvation. Some may have even been saved as a result.
Point 3: When Peter arrives at the house where so many are gathered. They can scarcely believe it is true. In spite of their prayers for his deliverance - they expected the worst - and in spite of Rhoda's testimony thought it was his spirit v15.
Point 4: Peter gives God all the credit for his deliverance. This is a good picture of salvation from the grip of sin and Satan. Sad to say - the keepers were killed by Herod. No mercy or respect shown for them. What if some were not ready? Hopefully some were by the grace of God.

Summary: Men, not even kings, can do what they like. Herod dies an awful death. He got away with killing James and imprisoning Peter, but the man who would not give God the glory for his skills, dies a wretched death. He died and God's great work went on.