Sunday School Lesson 809 Disciples Were Called Christians First at Antioch

Lesson: 809 Lesson Name: Disciples Called Christians
Theme: Christ the Lord

Reading: Acts 11:1-30

Memroy Verse: Acts 11:26
Memory Verse Text: The disciples were called Christians first at Antioch.

Point 1: Others shared Peter's prejudice and contention arose with him when Gentiles were saved. Peter gives an account of God's work through him. They honestly recognize God's work and glorify Him. This was to be the first of a very great work. Note again the text in Act 1:8 as the gospel spreads to others.
Point 2: Persecution spreads further and intensifies Acts 11:19 and the believers seeking to move out of it's path are scattered as Seed (they preach everywhere they go and God blesses). Some take the gospel to Antioch in the north of Syria.
Point 3: The simplicity of their message - preached the Lord Jesus. The reality of it - the Hand of the Lord was with them. The blessing that resulted - great number repented (turned). News of this blessing got back to Jerusalem and Barnabas is sent.
Point 4: He sees the grace of God in them and this work. He comforts and encourages them. Teaching them that with purpose of heart to bind themselves to the Lord and His word. It is this people who are firstly identified as Christians. Literally Christ's Ones" - they must have shown likeness to Him. They also show their reality as they communicate help to others of the Lord's people who are suffering deprivation.

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