Sunday School Lesson 718 The Greeks Seek Jesus. Arguments with the Jews

Lesson: 718 Lesson Name: Greeks Seek Jesus & Jews Question Him
Theme: Christ the Saviour / Christ the Lord / Christ Refused

Reading: John 12:20-48

Memroy Verse: John 12:32
Memory Verse Text: I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto Me.

Point 1: After His anointing by Mary in Bethany and the entry in Jerusalem and just before the Last Passover and His crucifixion - some Greeks (Jewish Proselytes) come seeking Him. Philip seems to be the most approachable of the disciples or more constantly watchful of opportunities like this. John 1:45 also involved with the lad in John 6.
Point 2: They wanted to see Jesus. The whole countryside ought to have shared their desire. Do you? Would you like to know Him? Would you like Him to speak right to your need?
Point 3: The Lord Jesus brings before them the fact of His impending Crucifixion. V24, 27. AS He speaks to His Father, there is an answering voice from above! Others overhearing this are told that the voice was for their sake and He further developes what He had been saying to the Greeks v31-33. How willfully blind is the response of the Jewish crowd in v34!
Point 4: It is then followed by several solemn warnings - examine verse 35 Light now but darkness coming, v36 believe the Light while it is available. Note - at this point - He departs and hides Himself from them. He had done so many miracles yet - see v37. He speaks of blindness & hardened hearts v40. And finally of what will certainly take place if they refuse Him and His words v47-48. DARKNESS for EVERMORE.

Notes: In the verse - ALL MEN - means all without any distinction. Men will be drawn to Him because of the Cross to meet Him in grace or when He is upon the Great White Throne, they will be drawn to Him for judgment and doom.

See also: The Diety of Christ.

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