Sunday School Lesson 715 Five Wise and Foolish Virgins

Lesson: 715 Lesson Name: 5 Wise & 5 Foolish
Theme: Future Events / Return of the Lord Jesus Christ

Reading: Matt. 25:1-13-46

Memroy Verse: Matt. 25:13
Memory Verse Text: Ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of Man cometh.

Point 1: All of these appeared the same. Seems that they had an outward moral life. They all professedly were doing the same thing - waiting for Him. They all had lamps - speaking of some kind of testimony.
Point 2: There were differences. The foolish had a testimony but no oil (speaks of the Spirit of God who indwells every saved one). There was also the Divine Distinction - that is in this story they were called wise or foolish.
Point 3: While waiting they were all sleeping. Even the wise! At the midnight cry - there was a stirring and a revelation. Some lacked what they needed most. In that hour the wise have nothing to impart to them. While they went - the Bridegroom came!
Point 4: The door was shut - final, just, universal. Some left outside - He never knew them! And they never knew Him. The story ends with the Saviour's own warning.

See also: Important Distinctions - Rapture and Return.

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