Sunday School Lesson 713 The Marriage Feast for the Son

Lesson: 713 Lesson Name: Marriage Feast for the Son
Theme: Christ the Son / Sin's Depravity

Reading: Matthew 22:1-14

Memroy Verse: Romans 3:10
Memory Verse Text: There is none righteous, no, not one.

Point 1: What the King did - he did for the Son who was dear to his heart. Nothing was too good for him. All is provided in the manner of great kings. Even the garments so that none would feel unworthy in his sight.
Point 2: Sends his servants to bring them along. They WOULD NOT come. Sends still other servants with an even clearer and more enhanced call. They MADE LIGHT of it. They WENT THEIR WAYS. Each of these points is easily adaptable to the depravity and sinfulness of man.
Point 3: The rest treated his servants spitefully and KILLED those he had sent. This is a more obvious indication of the disrespect and dishonour they had in their hearts. BUT NOTE - NONE OF THEM were worthy.
Point 4: Another shows his disrespect when he does not take advantage of the wedding garment, thinking he is acceptable in his own right. A picture of the self righteous sinner. NOTE how the Lord upgrades this to the supernatural - in v13 - outer darkness - weeping and gnashing of teeth. How careful He was to lay all the facts before them.

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