Sunday School Lesson 712 Vinyard Renters

Lesson: 712 Lesson Name: Problems in the Vineyard
Theme: Sin's Depravity

Reading: Matt. 21:28-38

Memroy Verse: I John 1:9
Memory Verse Text: He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins.

Attention Getter:

Point 1: The Owner of the Vineyard has done everything and brings the renters in his favour and the fullness of what was his, expecting, at least, respect and consideration.
Point 2: The servants are sent by him and they endure the mistreatment intended for him. They remain unrepentant and deliberately violent. What a picture of what man is today. Sending subsequent servants just shows forth the glory and grace that would forgive and bless them still.
Point 3: Now - with all the grace the Owner has he sends his son. He cannot countenance that they would mistreat him after all he has done for them. But they murder him and yet hang on to the Owners property and things.
Point 4: Those who hear the story know the response such an action calls for -  utter destruction and others blessed instead. He brings before them the practical prophecy of the Scriptures and in spite of what they have just heard and know:  they manifest the very intent that he has just told them of.

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