Sunday School Lesson 626 No Wedding Garment

Lesson: 626 Lesson Name: NO WEDDING GARMENT
Theme: God's Provision - Its Fullness / Judgment's Finality

Reading: Matthew 22:1-14

Memory Verse: Isaiah 64:6
Memory Verse Text: We are all as an unclean thing.

Attention Getter: Come to class with a tuxido or bow tie - something formal and unusual.

Point 1: It is no less than a great King who sends forth the Invitation to the Feast. The greatness of the supper will reflect the greatness of the One who provides.
Point 2: In the case of the king the response extends even to mocking, and the murder of those that brought them the invitation. The tragedy is that they MISSED it. The violence &  carelessness of their reaction is alarming. THE extent they were willing to go reveals the depravity resentment in their hearts.
Point 3: THE RESPONSE - the king sends forth His armies vs 8 . This story can be related for older students to the Revelation of the Lord after the tribulation when so many have been abused and martyred.
Point 4: The king comes in to see the guests. A picture of those who would fain join the ranks of heaven on their own merit. What this man had on could not begin to compare with what the King had offered.

See also: Human Destiny.

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