Sunday School Lesson 625 The Great Supper

Lesson: 625 Lesson Name: The Great Supper
Theme: Choices / God's Provision - It's Fullness

Reading: Luke 14:16-24

Memory Verse: Luke 14:17
Memory Verse Text: Come for all things are now ready.

Printable Activity: Invitations to the Great Supper .  A PDF file with several invitations that teach what great blessings await the person who recieves salvation. 

Point 1: The Certain Man is clearly a Great and Caring Man. The gospel supper is loaded with forgiveness, peace, the Hope of the believers, joy, the greatness of His love etc. A Boundless supply.
Point 2: Simple to avail themselves of it. COME. Excuses are not reasons.  THEY MISSED IT because of their own folly. All these same things were evident in Noah's day. Man's attitude towards God's grace is tragic. Look what happened then.
Point 3: The response of the kind & generous hearted man is to send forth His Servant with great haste to the highways and hedges - to the poverty stricken. Is that why the gospel is being accepted in 3rd world countries today but so few are reached in our own land?
Point 4: The desire of the Man and the efforts of the Servant (Cf servants in Matt. 22 - like the Holy Spirit) to see that the table is filled is quite noticeable. God is doing everything to see that all men are invited to enjoy the great feast He has prepared.

Notes: You may want to choose which of these two stories - this or "No Wedding Garment" as you may find it rather duplicates the truth.  However, you may want to take two sessions and use both to emphasize both truths more effectively.