Sunday School Lesson 624 The Watchers and the Wedding

Lesson: 624 Lesson Name: The Watchers & The Wedding
Theme: Christ the Sinless / Religion's Inability

Reading: Luke 14:1-15

Memory Verse: Luke 14:9
Memory Verse Text: Give this Man place.

Attention Getter: There are two stories here. They watch Him for faults in the first one - He watches them in the second and He knows what's wrong!

Point 1: Was there a plot behind the invitation? Likely for they watched Him. Even so, our Lord was not afraid of any or all of them. He acted before His God without fear. Were they the ones who saw to it that this pitiful man was "before Him" knowing He could not resist releasing him. Dropsy is not a disease itself but a symtom involving swelling of the limbs. It's cause due to some inner problem of heart or kidneys and may even have been some judgment for sin. Don't press Nu. 5:11-27 but consider it.
Point 2: These men cared about profit (thus they would pull and animal out of a pit) but no care for this poor individual. No man like this is going to go away unblessed when the Lord Jesus is there, no matter what the Pharisees or anyone else says. No one, with the disease of sin, needs to go away unblessed now either.
Point 3: He tells a story to these same men, whom He had observed wanting the best seats at the meal, to reveal His knowledge of them. At a wedding, he reminds them it is better not to chose the place of honour for yourself (like these men did) as you may be embarrassed when someone worthy of more honour displaces you. How much better to take the lowest place (as He did) and then be exalted in the eyes of others as you are placed at a seat of honour.
Point 4: Directly he now speaks to His host about who to invite. It is wrong for any man to isolate himself ( with friends, brethren, kinsmen & rich neighbours) so that he does not consider the needs of the less fortunate. God will reward.

Notes: While our verse is in the story. Make sure that the class understand that this is a reference to the Lord Jesus. Have you any room for Jesus? If the response is Yes - then what place are you giving Him right now?

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