Sunday School Lesson 621 The Barren Fig Tree

Lesson: 621 Lesson Name: The Barren Fig Tree
Theme: Opportunity: A Turning Point / Choices

Reading: Luke 13:1-9

Memory Verse: Isaiah 55:6
Memory Verse Text: Seek ye the Lord while He may be found.

Point 1: He is told of Pilate's harsh treatment of the Galileans. He also reminds them of the Tower of Siloam that fell. Tragedies both manmade and accidental occur.But the lesson is not to decide the cause but rather to recognize that this is a voice to be prepared.
Point 2: Preparation - readiness is to repent. Repentance is not to be sorry but to turn from your indifference & fruitlessness and to look to God to make that complete turnabout in you.
Point 3: Fig tree in a vineyard. Unusual - must have been put there with very special intent and design. Same is true with where & how God has placed us. It was a place where there was a special caregiver. He had spent years trying to make it fruitful. He was will to extend extra effort to make it fruitful.
Point 4: No fruit. A picture of a life without Christ. Nothing for the Master. His heart yearned for the figs. Had come often but no pleasure from the tree. Must have been painful for the Owner to say "Cut it down"! Pleadings that it might be left till further work and time would bring the desired result.

Notes: Fig tree is a very special picture of Israel.  Just a thought - while an additional year is asked for, there is no word from the Master consenting to it. We all assume it will be given but no promise of even tomorrow!

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