Sunday School Lesson 614 Jesus Heals a Blind Man

Lesson: 614 Lesson Name: The Man Born Blind
Theme: Christ the Lord / Sin's Blindness

Reading: John 9:1-41

Memory Verse: John9:33
Memory Verse Text: If this man were not of God, He could do nothing.

Attention Getter: Ever tried to pretend you were blind. How did you make out. Pretty good sometimes. Did you cheat? Anyone want to stay that way?

Point 1: Man was blind from birth. Could not, had not, seemed like he would never SEE. What a blessing it is to see.
Point 2: The Lord makes a wonderful declaration about the life of this poor handicapped man. "That the works of God should be made manifest in him". Is there not a sense in which the Lord looks at every one of us and whatever handicap we may face with the same wonderful possibility?
Point 3: He proclaims Himself to be 'the Light of the World" and shows that fact in what He does for the man. The man obeys the instruction. Simple faith. Direct obedience brings him to experience the wonder of what the Lord has done. Same is true today.
Point 4: Questioned about it all - he is afterward somewhat uncertain about who but never what took place. Then he meets HIM, and sees HIM and hears HIM. and he'll never forget HIM! And you could meet HIM too.

Notes: The importance of seeing. We gain knowledge by smelling 3% - by tasting 3% - by touching 6% by hearing 13% but by seeing - 75%. That is why we need to make use of visuals!

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