Sunday School Lesson 611 The Wicked and Unthankful Servant

Lesson: 611 Lesson Name: Wicked & Unthankful Servant
Theme: Mercy

Reading: Matt. 18:23-35

Memory Verse: Matthew 18:32
Memory Verse Text: I forgave thee all that debt.

Point 1: There's a day of reckoning. And it's coming for us as well.
Point 2: They owed HIM - no dispute! NOTHING TO PAY. He'd wasted it or he'd lost it or whatever and the COST was going to be greater than he ever dreamed Mt. 18:25
Point 3: Asks for mercy and time - neither of which he deserves. Got far more - FORGIVEN - why? His Master is moved with compassion (pity that touches the whole being!) At His own cost - He has forgiven.
Point 4: What lesson did the First Debtor learn? None. What did the blessing he received so freely do for him? Nothing. How sad - the same is true of so many today who have been shown mercy from the Lord who undertook their debt and endured the cost Himself. Remember Someone is watching all that we do and seeing what lessons we have learned from His love to us.

Notes: Speaking very conservatively - The talent is probably worth about (750 ounces of silver) $1000.PLUS - That makes a MILLION PLUS owing for the 1st debtor. A hundred pence is like $7,500 ie 100 days work @ $75.

Summary: There was another day of reckoning for that man who never learned the lesson! And there was no mercy in that day.

See also: Our Lord's Teaching about Money.

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