Sunday School Lesson 608 Jesus Heals the Caananite's Daughter

Lesson: 608 Lesson Name: The Caananite's  Daughter
Theme: Mercy

Reading: Mark 7:24-30 Matt. 15:21-28

Memory Verse: Psalm 25:7
Memory Verse Text: According to Thy mercy remember Thou me.

Point 1: Mk 7:24 Thank God "He could not be hid." Thankfully God's purpose was not to hide the One who was the Saviour but to reveal Him and all His grace.
Point 2: The woman heard of Him. She would be forever grateful too! What a sad state for her daughter to be in - unclean spirit. Whatever she had heard - she realized that He was worthy of her homage and humility. If only sinners realized the wonder of the Person who draws near to them.
Point 3: She besought Him  to cast forth the demon - she knew what was the trouble and wasn't afraid to name it. She didn't beat around the bush. Came directly to the point. Didn't try and explain why she should be blessed. She knew it all depended on Him who could and then if He would.
Point 4: The Lord reminds her that His purpose in coming was for the children (the Jews) and she was a greek.  She takes the low place - even the little dogs eat the crumbs. She would be forever grateful that He even had crumbs to give to the little dogs. The result of His word was waiting for her when she got back home.

Notes: Keep in mind that we deserved nothing either. We were at that time strangers etc - see Eph 2:12

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