Sunday School Lesson 526 The Parable of the Two Debtors

Lesson: 526 Lesson Name: The Two Debtors
Theme: Sin's Depravity / Debt Owing / Debt Paid

Reading: Luke 7:41-43

Memory Verse: John 3:17
Memory Verse Text: God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world.

Point 1: Use this lesson as a prelude to the one that follows about the sinful woman. Then you can make reference to it if you wish or have time in that story. It is a parable from the lips of the Lord. No one is named, but the conclusions are obvious.
Point 2: TWO Debtors - they both the same in that they owed a debt.
Point 3: TWO Debtors Unable to pay - they were both the same in that as well. They had nothing - here we see the absolute depravity of the sinner - totally destitute of anything to satisfy God's judgement against them.
Point 4: TWO debtors with the same benefactor. Let us remember who it is that we owe the debt to. Our hearts should be filled with wonder and appreciation when we remember that when He saw we had nothing to pay. He frankly forgave both.

Notes: In order to forgive the debt - the One to whom it was owed had to assume the cost Himself. So it was with our Lord, sin demanded payment in blood and He gave Himself to pay what we owed.
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