Sunday School Lesson 525 Jesus Raises the Son of the Widow of Nain

Lesson: 525 Lesson Name: The Nain Lad
Theme: Christ the Lifegiver and Resurrection / Christ the Sympathizer

Reading: Luke 7:11-17

Memory Verse: Luke 7:16
Memory Verse Text: God hath visited His people.

Point 1: A Widow - she had suffered loss - her husband was gone - now a second blow - her son. He was the one she might have hoped would show some care and provide for her, but her grief was also more intense because he was her ONLY son. She'd really lost her all.
Point 2: The Lord demonstrates the Words He had spoken long before Deut.10:18 & Psalm 146:9. Israel had been given instructions many time and reminded countless more that they were to do whatever they could for such as this widow and her son. They failed miserably and often took advantage of them instead. Our Lord did what He could for this poor widow. And O what He could do.
Point 3: The son was dead. The Lord stops the procession and changes the scene from sorrow to rejoicing. Death never took place in His Presence and fled when He came near. He had compassion. He was touched with her grief and loss. He spoke to the DEAD and he heard and obeyed and rose to life! Now the one who was dead begins to speak.
Point 4: There came a fear on all. Respect is given for God had visited His people. Let us never forget that when a dead sinner is brought to new life, God deserves the glory. The actions of the Lord Jesus brought glory to God from the hearts of others. Do we?

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