Sunday School Lesson 522 Jesus Chooses 12 Disciples and the Sermon on the Mount

Lesson: 522 Lesson Name: Choice of 12 & Sermon on the  Mount
Theme: Sinners: Evidences / Evidences of Salvation / Two Ways

Reading: Mt. 5-7   Lk 6:12-45

Memory Verse: Luke 6:44
Memory Verse Text: Every tree is known by his own fruit.

Activity Ideas

Printable name tags that teach a fact about each of the 12 chosen disciples of Jesus Christ.

12 disciples name tag 

Power Point presentation - Getting Even with Mr. Rodriguez - illustrating story about overcoming evil with good.

Lesson Points

Point 1: Prayed all night before He identifies those He had called to be His Disciples. Note - he even choice Judas Iscariot knowing what he would be! Traitor!
Point 2: Great crowds gathered about Him. Over and over we are told He healed them all. There was no lack of Power, no cure that eluded Him, no demon that could deny Him.
Point 3: Blessed are ..! He gives the rules and guidelines for the future kingdom that will be manifest and those who would join themselves to Him now - these are truths to live by in the here and now.
Point 4: He teaches lessons about the heart Luke 6:42-45. Basically He reduces us all to two categories. Good tree - bad Tree. Thorns - Vines. Good man - evil man. The fruits are vastly different!

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