Sunday School Lesson 514 Jesus Heals a Nobleman's Dying Son

Lesson: 514 Lesson Name: The King's Man and His Son
Theme: God's Promise - He Keeps It / Faith

Reading: John 4:46-54

Memory Verse: John 4:50
Memory Verse Text: The man believed the Word that Jesus had spoken unto him.

Point 1: The Lord comes again to Cana where he had done a mighty miracle. The fame of which was likely well known. News travels and it was known that Jesus was near.  A Royal Officer from Capernaum (+/- 25 miles or 40 km) comes to Jesus in his distress. Wanted Christ to come to Capernaum and heal (save) his son from death.
Point 2: The Lord puts his finger on the tendancy of the officers heart - to think he needed some sign or ceremony, and also upon the thing he was not inclined to do - just believe! What does He find in our hearts?
Point 3: The man continues to plead his importunity. The Lord speaks, Go thy way, thy son liveth. He took the Word as being real. He acted upon it. How did He know? Only by HIS WORD.
Point 4: He leaves and as he travels he meets his servants who tell him the son lives. Consider the possibility that his question was not because he doubted. But rather to prove that what the Lord had spoken was now assured. It was at the very same hour. What a story he had to tell to his household. They all responded in faith. What a day of rejoicing that would be.

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