Sunday School Lesson 506 John the Baptist's Disciples

Lesson: 506 Lesson Name: John's Disciples and Jesus Disciples
Theme: Christ the Lamb / Christ the Lord

Reading: John 1:35-51

Memory Verse: John 1:36
Memory Verse Text: Behold the Lamb of God.

Point 1: John carries out his work and the second time is constrained to testify that Jesus is the Lamb of God. A true servant of Jesus will always point to Christ and not to themselves even though it may mean personal loss. John's disciples have been well taught and now follow Jesus.
Point 2: Jesus speaks to the root of the matter. What seek ye? A question that needs to be heard and responded to today. They call Him teacher at this early stage but will learn much more about Him.
Point 3: We aren't given a description of the place, nor the meal they enjoyed. When they return the thing that has impressed them is Himself note v 41. He must always be the true attraction. All other activity and settings pale beside the Glory of Himself.
Point 4: We then see another soul-winner at work. With his own heart now won to Christ, Andrew brought Simon to Jesus. Simon later on will see many many more brought to know the Lord. Philip too becomes a soul winner.  Nathaniel is doubtful at first but his heart is totally surrendered as the Lord reveals himself to him.

Notes: It would be good to point out to older kids that Point 1 is valid today. Beware of those who go in for sensationalism and do not point clearly to Christ. For He is the only hope for sinners and the true example for the believer.

See also: What Jesus Said about John the Baptist.

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