Sunday School Lesson 503 The Wise Men from the East Visit Jesus

Lesson: 503 Lesson Name: The Wise Men
Theme: Christ the Lord

Reading: Matt. 2:1-18

Memory Verse: Matt. 2:11
Memory Verse Text: They fell down and worshipped Him.

Point 1: Unlike the Wise Men of Esther and Daniel's day, they were not merely impressed by the Sign, but recognized it was HIS star! They came to Worship HIM. Such was their report that King Herod was deeply disturbed. Christ always causes a stir - to some, it is one of delight and to others one of disdain.Wise men still seek HIM!
Point 2: They didn't know everything. Sought the illumination of the Scriptures. It was that revelation that showed them the city and God graciously gave the seekers light that would lead them to the very place - note it is a house not a stable nor a cave.
Point 3: They were on the Search of their Life and they rejoiced not only in the Star that led them but in the One who had come. They gave of their gifts - tell them what the gifts would speak of in the simplist possible terms. Not all felt that way - the king was set to destroy the young child - that should remind you to tell them that it could be 1.5 - 2 years after the Shepherds came that night. How do we know - the king destroyed all the children 2 years old and younger.
Point 4: Note - God was not caught unprepared. The kings murderous attempt was thwarted. God frustrated the king by sending the Magi home another way, and warning Joseph to flee into Egypt.

Notes: Incidently - for older ones - the Magi going home another way has instruction for us. Everyone should be affected by a meeting with the Lord - either at His Birth here, or His death as in Luke 23:48

See also: The Virgin Birth of Christ.

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