Sunday School Lesson 502 The Birth of the Lord Jesus

Lesson: 502 Lesson Name: The Birth of the Lord Jesus
Theme: Christ the Saviour

Reading: Jn 1:1-18 Mt. 1:1-25 Lk 1:26-56, 2:1-38 3:23-38

Memory Verse: Matthew 1:21
Memory Verse Text: Thou shalt call His Name Jesus.

Point 1: Where He was born - Bethlehem Judah - just as had been prophesied. In the field (perhaps shelter in a cave) but not in the Inn. The circumstances that caused the prophecy to be fulfilled Lu 2:1.
Point 2: Perhaps emphasis should be laid on the fact that Mary was told of His birth and how He would be conceived. In spite of her amazement. She is most willing, and this emphasizes the fact that Mary knew she needed a Saviour. See Luke 1:47 That is a most important point to get across to any who might have been under RC influence.
Point 3: Note the poverty - swaddling clothes - lying in a manger. Note the glory - a heavenly host praising God. Note the joy of the the humble shepherds when they made known what they saw.
Point 4: Carefully note the parents offering - the offering of the poor at the temple. Note too that His coming was expected in the words of Anna and Simeon.

See also: The Person of Christ.

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