Sunday School Lesson 428 Queen Esther Saves the Jews from Haman

Lesson: 428
Lesson Name: Esther Intercedes Before the King
Theme: Mocker's Consequences / God's Faithfulness

Bible Reading: Esther 6-8

Memory Verse: Psalm 145:18
Memory Verse Text: The Lord is night unto all them that call upon Him.

Printable Activity:  Mini story book .  8 pages booklet to tell the story of Queen Esther's bravery.  The students can color the pictures if there is extra time in class.

Coloring Book Esther the Queen saves the Jews from Haman


Talking Points

Point 1: Praying time is over. It is time for action. Esther's moment has come but Esther does not move forward alone. Her God is with her. Her king could have had her killed for coming before him without being summoned. But he holds out the sceptre.
Point 2: He promises a great and magnimonious response to anything she asks, but wisely she simply invites the King and Haman to a banquet. He still seeks her petition and again she asks him and Haman to come to another banquet the following day.
Point 3: Haman was delighted at this special treatment. And seeing Mordecai unmoved to honour him, his anger is kindled against him all the more. He decides to seek Mordecai's life immediately and has a gallows built to hang him. However - the king could not sleep that night and hears the story read to him of Mordecai's loyalty and decided to honour him.
Point 4: Asking Haman what should be done. Haman thinks it must be him that was to be honoured so makes the reward good only to see that he had to carry it out for his despised enemy. Called to the banquet - the request is finally put forth and Haman is exposed and hung on the very gallows he had created. God moves in mysterious ways and the king makes a way for the people to be saved on that day!

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