Sunday School Lesson 427 Haman and Mordecai

Lesson: 427 Lesson Name: Haman & Mordecai
Theme: Two Ways / Satan's Character: The Enemy of God and the Christian

Reading: Esther 3 & 4

Memory Verse: Matt. 23:12
Memory Verse Text: He that shall humble himself shall be exalted.

Point 1: Here are two very different men. Haman is an ungodly self-seeking man who flatters the king to gain popularity and plots to destroy the people of God. Mordecai is a godly man who seeks the glory of the Lord and the blessing of the Lord's people and wants the Lord's approval.
Point 2: Mordecai has saved the kings life but has not been recognized for his loyalty. Haman has done little but try to become greater and has been recognized and set above all other princes in the realm. It seems that Mordecai alone does not give him the honour he so much craves in the eyes of men.
Point 3: The plot is a diabolical scheme to kill a man and widened to destroy all those who could witness to the true God. The writing was signed and the day of their destruction was set. All seemed lost. But Mordecai began to pray. He informs Esther that she is also in danger and that God has put her there for just such an occasion as this 4:14 to come before the king with a counter petition.
Point 4: Though deeply afraid - she also asks that all the Jews humble themselves, fast and pray for three days. Though it seems Haman has it all going his way, yet when men depend on God, nothing is impossible. Even one man plus God is always a majority.

Notes: Remember that to humble yourself does not mean to think less of yourself than you would - but to think rightly of yourself!

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