Sunday School Lesson 426 Esther is Made Queen for King Ahasuerus of Persia

Lesson: 426 Lesson Name: Esther is Made Queen
Theme: God's Faithfulness

Reading: Esther 1 & 2

Memory Verse: Psalm 143:8
Memory Verse Text: Cause me to know the way wherein I should walk, For I lift up my soul to Thee.

Point 1: King Ahasuerus - a mighty king over Persia and Media - had a party to show his riches, his majesty and to be honoured by all his princes. The party went on for a full six months! Hard for us to imagine the power and pomp and splendour and excesses of such a grand party.
Point 2: On a whim, he called for Vashti his queen to be brought before him and she refused. Worried about what effect that might have on other women - she was demoted from being queen and another queen was to chosen in her place.
Point 3: God worked behind the scenes in order to preserve his people from an enemy's hatred and a scheme that would have wiped out all Jews. Esther was a most beautiful young orphaned Jewess (raised by her older cousin) and she not only attracted the king's interest but became the loved wife and was crowned queen of the land. Though in all of this she had not revealed that she was a Jew.
Point 4: Her cousin, Mordecai, had also saved the king by warning him, through Esther, of a plot against his life, and when they were found out they were hung on a tree to die.

Notes: In those days women had very few rights, and it was a very dangerous thing to disappoint or anger a mighty king like Ahasuerus. Nevertheless, God is far more mighty than any earthly monarch.

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