Sunday School Lesson 425 Daniel is thrown into the lion's den

Lesson: 425
Lesson Name: In the Lion's Den
Theme: Sin's Deception / Judgement's Finality / Salvation

Reading: Daniel 6:1-28

Memory Verse: Psalm 119.170
Memory Verse Text: Deliver me according to Thy Word.

Printable Activity:Two mini story books (in black and white) of the story of Daniel and the den of lions. 14 pictures in total that are useful to color and tell the story of God working to save the life of Daniel. This exact same story is also available in color pictures.  Also available in full color .

Daniel in the Lions Den coloring book

Talking Points

  • Point 1: Daniel has conducted himself very well before several kings. His habits are well known (eg prayer 3X daily), his spirit was excellent and his abilities were such that he was raised over all the 120 princes of the wide spread kingdom.
  • Point 2: The princes being jealous and self seeking attempt to find fault or occasion against him. They come to the conclusion that the only way they can accuse him is in connection with his God so they hoodwink the king into signing a decree that will condemn Daniel.
  • Point 3: The king does not see through their scheme against his most trusted servant and signs the decree against prayer to any god. Daniel knew it was signed but does not change his habit and continues as he has all his long life. He is accused and though the king now sees thru the plot - his word is law and Daniel must be thrown into the den of lions.
  • Point 4: God  preseved Daniel and he is able to clearly testify that God shut the lions' mouths. No hurt comes to him and the enemies are all cast in and they died since they had no God to deliver them in that awful day.

Notes: There may well have been a hundred lions in the den since when the princes and their families were cast in they were killed before they reached the den's floor.

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