Sunday School Lesson 424 King Belshazzer sees the writing on the wall

Lesson: 424 Lesson Name: King Belshazzer's  Banquet
Theme: Mocker's Consequences

Reading: Daniel 5:1-31

Memory Verse: Daniel 5:27
Memory Verse Text: Thou art weighed in the balances and art found wanting.

Attention Getter: What do you weigh? How do you know? Did you ever say you weighed more / or less?

Point 1: Belshazzar was the grandson of Neb. His father was not interested in the throne and continued in military life as Bel. reigned. He throws a great party to the thousand. Mocked God by using the vessels taken out of the House of God when Jerusalem fell.
Point 2: Notice: Judgement was swift v5. He saw the writing. The man who would mock God was mocking no more v6. Calls for someone to interpret. No one is found. Then the queen remembered Daniel and what he had done for Neb.
Point 3: Daniel enters. How good to see that Daniel has not changed. He still plainly testifies of his God. He wants none of the gifts of the king. He rehearses the great errors of Neb. and reminds how he learned. Then speaking plainly about Bel. He reminds him that God holds him accountable since he knew this and did not humble himself before the Lord. Not only had not humbled himself but, in his pride and foolishness, thought he could do what he wanted with the things of God!
Point 4: The writing is interpreted and though the king rewards Daniel, he was slain since the armies entered the city by closing off the flow of a river that entered through the walls. Another took his place as king and Daniel was somehow preserved by God to serve him as well.

See also: The "historical errors" of Daniel.

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