Sunday School Lesson 422 Nebuchadnezzar's Dream

Lesson: 422 Lesson Name: Nebuchadnezzar's  Dream
Theme: God's Power and Greatness

Reading: Daniel 2:1-49

Memory Verse: Daniel 2:28
Memory Verse Text: There is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets.

Point 1: Nebuchadnezzar was a very mighty king and conqueror. But he has a dream that deeply troubled him! And he forgot what it was! The hand of God was in all of this. He demands of those who claimed great powers as wise men the dream and the interpretation. All were helpless.
Point 2: He suspects their lies in the past and he demands their death if they cannot tell. They are forced to admit that there is no man who can do it v10. Daniel hears and asks for time to seek Divine Help. His three friends join in prayer and the secret was revealed.
Point 3: Before he goes before the king he gives the praise and honour to his God. V20-23 Daniel stands before the king and again clearly declares that it is God who gives the answer. He tells of the image and what it represents.
Point 4: The mighty king fell upon his face and honours God at least in his words and honours the man that spoke for God before him.

Notes: For older students it may be good to tell them that there is a prophetic significance to the dream. Most of it has already been completed and the rest shall be - even perhaps before the student's eyes if they remain unsaved.

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