Sunday School Lesson 420 Jerusalem is Destroyed and Taken Captivity to Babylon

Lesson: 420 Lesson Name: Jerusalem is Destroyed
Theme: Judgment's Certainty

Reading: II Chronicles 36:1-21  II Kings 23:34-37, 24:1-20, 25:1

Memory Verse: Isaiah 59:12
Memory Verse Text: Our transgressions are multiplied before Thee, and our sins testify against us.

Point 1: Zedekiah was a young king (21) and was king 11 years - did evil in the sight of the Lord 2Chr36:12 - what a description of a man's life! What description would be true of you and me? He would not humble himself - thought more of what the princes and great men thought than he did of God and of what God had said.
Point 2: This was a very willful man - rebelling against mighty Nebuchadnezzar was foolish - 2Chr36:13 but rebelling against God is even more foolish! Many years passed before God brought all His words to pass and the city fell but He was faithful to His Word.
Point 3: The way of Life and the way of Death had been set before them (Jer. 21.8). The loss was great. All the precious vessels of the House of the Lord were taken. Thousands of lives were lost through famine, illness and the sword. Many became slaves and were carried away into captivity. The City was laid waste for seventy long years.
Point 4: The king did not escape. He tried to look out for his own skin. Had laid his plans well. His own special plan but as he fled he was caught, brought back to see his own son killed by the sword, then his eyes were put out and he was taken away a captive to die in an enemy's land.

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