Sunday School Lesson 419 The Lord and Ebedmelech

Lesson: 419 Lesson Name: The Lord and Ebedmelech
Theme: Sin Acknowledged: Leads to Salvation / Real Opportunity

Reading: Jeremiah 37-39

Memory Verse: Jeremiah 39:18
Memory Verse Text: I will surely deliver thee.

Point 1: Though for the most part, the king, the princes and the people refused the Word of the Lord, there were those who would have obeyed His voice. God takes notice of such though they may seem insignificant.
Point 2: Ebed-melech was an Ethiopian, a slave in the king's house. No doubt he heard the message that was read to the king and couldn't understand why the ruler did not obey the voice of the Lord. We have heard of him before when Jeremiah was pulled out of the dungeon.
Point 3: The Word of the Lord against the city is being fulfilled just as God had said it would be but God worked so that Jeremiah would be released and he did not forget the trust that Ebed-melech had put in his God.
Point 4: A special message is sent to Ebde-melech through Jeremiah 39:16 He reminds him that His words will come true for the unbelieving and he promises the slave that he will not suffer the same fate. And he clearly tells him why - 39:18 "because thou has put thy trust in ME" Best of all - He kept His promise as He always does.

Summary: I'd rather be a slave that believes God that a King that doesn't!

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