Sunday School Lesson 415 Jonah is Swalled by a Big Fish or Whale

Lesson: 415
Lesson Name: Jonah & the Fish
Theme: Grace: God's Undeserved Favor

Reading: Jonah 1:1-16; Jonah 2:1-11

Memory Verse: Jonah 2:9
Memory Verse Text: Salvation is of the Lord.

Attention Getter: Ever tried running away? Ask students how they felt and why.  What is a conscience?

Printable Activity: Jonah's journey told with printable paper dolls.  Put Jonah inside the boat, in the fish and under the tree with these BW and color printable models to help you and your class tell the story of Jonah the disobedient prophet.

  Mini Bible story book

Download an 8 page printable mini story book for the students to make and take home.

Or try  Jonah activity worksheets with activities for a variety of ages and puzzle pages (and answer sheet ) to review the story and names of Jonah.


Discussion Points:

Point 1: A word from the Lord to any of us should call for our obedience. He is our God and Creator. We are responsible and accountable to Him. A word from the Lord to someone like Jonah should be enough to direct our service.
Point 2: God gave us a free choice. Jonah did not obey but tried to run away.  The nearness of the Lord bothered him.  How foolish- what did he think would happen?
Point 3: The Lord sent a great wind.  A mighty tempest hit the ship and the mariners were afraid.  First they tried their own efforts (lightened the ship) and then they called upon their God. Jonah somehow was able to sleep through it all till he was awakened.  He should have been convicted from the mariner's words.  The lot was drawn and told the story.  Jonah finally was made to confess to his own shame and to witness to the mariners, even though unwilling.
Point 4: He thought only the worst of His God - that God meant to kill him. Likely even as the great fish swallowed him, Jonah thought he would surely die.  But God's plans were far more encompassing.  God had a lesson to teach him, and when he finally came to an end of himself and called for deliverance - God had only to speak a word and he was set forth on dry land.

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