Sunday School Lesson 413 King Hezekiah is Healed

Lesson: 413 Lesson Name: Hezekiah is Healed
Theme: Sinner is Diseased, Dark, and Dead

Reading: II Kings 20:1-11  Isaiah 38:1-22

Memory Verse: Isaiah 38:20
Memory Verse Text: The Lord was ready to save me.

Attention Getter: What if you knew the day you were going to die?

Point 1: Hezekiah was a king.  Even kings are not immune from disease. The same is true today - no matter how greatly blessed we may be, we all have the disease of sin within.  His sickness was one that was sure to be fatal.
Point 2: Set thine house in order - was the Word from the prophet Isaiah.  It was God who sent the warning.  God still warns men today that they need to be prepared - Amos 4:12
Point 3: His fear was evident as he turned his face to the wall (shutting everything else out).  We read his fervent prayer in v3.  Another word from the Lord came, saying that He had heard Hezekiah's prayer and added to his life fifteen more years.  Only God could do that.  How did Hezekiah know it was so?  He had the WORD of the UNFAILING GOD!
Point 4: Notice that God had dealt with his sins (v 17).  He rejoiced and pledged to praise the God who had delivered him all the days of his life.

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