Sunday School Lesson 404 Elijah, Famine and Ravins by the Brook Cherith

Lesson: 404

Lesson Name: Elijah and the Time of Famine
Theme: God's Wonderful Ways

Reading: 1 Kings 17:1-24

Memory Verse: Rom. 2:2
Memory Verse Text: We are sure that the judgement of God is according to truth.

Talking Points

Point 1: Elijah entered the scene with a Word from God.  He prophesied that there would not be dew or rain for several years, a condition which meant real hardship in such an arid climate.  The drought was a result of departing from God's ways into idolatry and unbelief; it was judgment from God.  Does God still speak like that today? Is anyone listening?
Point 2: Elijah was sustained by God at Cherith with water from the brook and food brought by the ravens.  When the brook dried up, he was sent on to Zerephath.
Point 3: God had planned for a woman in Zarephath to provide for Elijah's needs.  One day, as she gathered sticks for her last meal, Elijah arrived and asked her for water and a little bread.  After telling him the situation, he said, "Make me... a little cake first" (1 Kings 17:13).  Miraculously, God then provided for the widow's, her son's, and the prophet's needs.
Point 4: The widow's son got sick and died, so she asked Elijah for help.  When Elijah prayed, the Lord heard his voice and the boy revived. Through the circumstances of seeming tragedy, the reality and faithfulness of the prophet was clearly seen (1 Kings 17:24).

Notes: Do not fail to point out the important principle of giving something to God first of all.  Two other principles to point out are the importance of prayer and how God wondrously provides.


Sunday School Lesson Activity 404 Puzzle for ElijahSunday School Lesson Activity 404 Puzzle for Elijah

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12 piece puzzle review game about the miracles and events in the life of Elijah the prophet.  Students arrange the pieces of the puzzle using clues written on the sides of the pieces to form a rectangle.  Use the clues in this puzzle or make your own.