Sunday School Lesson 402 The Queen of Sheba visits Solomon

Lesson: 402

Lesson Name: The Queen of Sheba
Theme: Christ the Lord

Reading: 1 Kings 10:1-13

Memory Verse: Matt. 12:42
Memory Verse Text: Behold a greater than Solomon is here.

Talking Points

Point 1: After a very busy time of building, as seen in 1 Kings 9, Solomon had a royal visitor.  Notice how that what Solomon was and did was linked with "the name of the Lord" (1 Kings 10:1).
Point 2: The Queen of Sheba came with many servants and gifts of high value.  She also came with many questions for Solomon, questions which Solomon was able to answer with God-given insight.  The Queen of Sheba wanted to share with Solomon all that was in her heart.
Point 3: When the Queen of Sheba saw all of Solomon's glory and wisdom, she was astounded and she told him that it exceeded everything that she had heard of him.  Before the queen left, she gave Solomon great gifts that had priceless worth.  Application: The believer is going to be astounded at the glory of Christ's person and work throughout the eternal ages.  He is worthy of the best gifts and offerings that we can give him!
Point 4: Even though the Queen of Sheba had a lot to give to Solomon to add to his glory, she still went away enriched by him herself.

Notes: What we do enhances either the glory of the Lord or else, the works of the Devil.