Sunday School Lesson 325 David and the Enemy Slave

Lesson: 325

Lesson Name: David and the Enemy Slave
Theme: Christ the Saviour

Reading: 1 Samuel 27; 29; 30

Memory Verse: Psalm 34:4
Memory Verse Text: He heard me and delivered me.

Talking Points

Point 1: David went through a period of time when he was depressed and fearful that someday for sure, Saul was going to kill him.   He went far away with his men to where the Philistines lived to escape Saul, but even there, Saul tried many times to kill him (1 Sam. 27:4).  Application: David had many human faults and failures; God does not use superhuman men.
Point 2: David found favor in King Achish's eyes.  He was given the city of Ziklag to base his army in and actually used his new friendship with the Philistines to do battle against other enemies of Israel (1 Sam. 27:8).  God had worked in the hearts of the Philistine princes so that they did not want David to join them in their battles (1 Sam. 30:9).
Point 3: The Amalekites attacked and destroyed Ziklag while David and his men were away; in addition, all the wives, children, and possessions had been taken.  As a result, they became very upset and sad.  After receiving the command from the Lord, they pursued the Amalekites.  On the way, they found an Egyptian (man of the world) abandoned by his Amalekite master (man of the flesh), who left him to die. David did not kill him, but rather revived him, saving his life, and gained an ally.  The Egyptian wanted David to promise that he would not give him back to his old master. A picture of a soul won over!
Point 4: David and his men won a complete victory over and all is restored again. David sets up a new principle regarding the spoils of battle 30:24-25 that remained as a statute in Israel.

Notes: The man of the flesh, the Amalekite, did not care that his sick Egyptian servant may have died; he abandoned him without a second thought as he only cared about himself.


Sunday School Lesson Activity 321 Puzzle for King DavidSunday School Lesson Activity 321 Puzzle for King David

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This is a printable 12 piece puzzle that students assemble using the clues written on the sides of each piece. This is a great way to review the life of King David.