Sunday School Lesson 316 The Call of Samuel

Lesson: 316

Lesson Name: The Call of Samuel
Theme: God Calls

Reading: 1 Samuel 1, 2, 3

Memory Verse: Isaiah 55:3
Memory Verse Text: Hear, and your soul shall live.

Attention Getter: Tell the story of a child that was playing when he/she was called by their mother to dinner.  The child does not respond to her call until he/she a certain tone of voice!

Talking Points

Point 1: The priesthood and Eli were in a poor condition when God entered this dark night scene (1 Sam. 3:1,2).
Point 2: The Lord called Samuel, a lad, rather than the priest, a great and recognized man.  God's wonderful ways often included children!  Application: A life that is going to count for God may very well have its roots in childhood.
Point 3: Samuel did not understand that the LORD was calling him.  This may possibly be due to the prevalent thinking of the day in which he lived as well as due to the fact that he did not YET know the Lord.  Eli finally realized that it was the Lord who called Samuel; it must have been quite the moment for Eli when he realized that he had been passed by!
Point 4: Eli gave Samuel good counsel; he told him to tell the Lord that he was listening and wanted to hear what He would say.  God graciously came and called Samuel as He had before; Samuel then alone had the choice whether he would ask God to speak to him or not.

Notes: Note the emphasis on "the word" in the passage as: 1) Precious (1 Sam. 3:1); 2) Unknown (1 Sam. 3:7); and 3) The means by which the Lord revealed Himself to Samuel (1 Sam. 3:21).


Sunday School Lesson Activity 312 Samuel the Prophet and Judge

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Eight page mini book about Samuel and his call by God to become a great judge and prophet in Israel.  The first booklet is a single sheet of paper that folds into 8 small pages.  The other pages are full-sized sheets of paper suitable for coloring and hanging on the classroom wall.