Sunday School Lesson 315 Ruth's Decision

Lesson: 314

Lesson Name: Ruth's Decision
Theme: Opportunity: A Turning Point / Choices

Reading: Ruth 1

Memory Verse: Ruth 1:16
Memory Verse Text: Thy God shall be my God.

Talking Points:

Point 1: Elimelech left Bethlehem, the House of Bread, during the time of a famine which had been brought on by the failure and unbelief of the Lord's people.  God had not failed His people; He simply was allowing circumstances that would cause them to truly turn to Him again.  However, instead of calling upon God to meet their need and heal their land, Elimelech and his family left.  The human heart has always been full of wickedness, evil desires, and unbelief.
Point 2: Naomi, whose name means "pleasant," found all her hopes swept away in Moab when those dear to her died.  While there, God brought her to the decision to return to Judah; her two daughter-in-laws went with her.  While in Moab, Naomi had become bitter and empty, so in her emptiness, she tried to discourage Orpah and Ruth from coming along.  Perhaps she could not even see any good for herself in returning to Judah.
Point 3: Orpah turned back to go home.  What a choice she made since we never hear of her again; she was lost.  Ruth, in spite of all that was against her, sensed something real about the True God and made her choice clear.  (She was "stedfastly minded," Ruth 1:18).  Application: It should be emphasized that each of us has a choice to make that is even more important than Ruth's and Orpah's.  Have we all made a clear choice?  It is even possible that we know far more than Ruth did to make our choice and that we have had better influences on us.
Point 4: Everyone in Bethlehem was interested about the "Naomi" who came home; she said her name was Mara, which means "bitter" instead of Naomi.  Even though she was bitter, Mara recognized that the Almighty One had worked to bring her back through affliction.  (It is interesting that Naomi's and Ruth's return was at the beginning of the harvest time.)

Notes: The last words in the book of the Judges sets the background for the story of Naomi and Ruth.


Sunday School Lesson Activity 315 Puzzle for RuthSunday School Lesson Activity 315 Puzzle for Ruth

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12 piece puzzle to review the life of Ruth.  Each puzzle piece contains one or more hints written on each side.  Students need to arrange the pieces to complete a rectangle 4 x 3.  Great way to review the romantic story of Ruth.

Sunday School Lesson Activity 315 Ruth is RedeemedSunday School Lesson Activity 315 Ruth is Redeemed

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Printable worksheet with a table comparing God's provisions to Ruth and what she had before. 

Sunday School Lesson Activity 315 Ruth Marries Boaz Mini BookSunday School Lesson Activity 315 Ruth Marries Boaz Mini Book

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Eight page mini book to tell the story of Ruth and her marriage to Boaz.  The small booklet is one sheet of paper that folds into 8 sides.  This file includes full-sized pictures to tell the story of Ruth to the class and put on the bulletin board.