Sunday School Lesson 310 God Calls Gideon

Lesson: 310 Lesson Name: God's Call to Gideon
Theme: God's Wonderful Ways

Reading: Judges 6:1-40

Memory Verse: I Cor. 1:27
Memory Verse Text: God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.

Point 1: Even after the great deliverance led by Barak and Deborah, the people returned to their old ways; they forgot so quickly and fell into the same traps.  The cost of their sin this time was seven years of serving the Midianites.
Point 2: God sent a special messenger, an angel, to Gideon; at the time, Gideon was seeking to provide food for God's people.  God saw him and knew his burden before it was even expressed (Judges 6:13).  God now encouraged and urged Gideon forward, promising that His power and presence would be with him.
Point 3: At first, Gideon objected and tried to excuse himself, but then he asked for a sign (as though that was better than a promise from God!)  God demonstrated His power with fire from the rock.
Point 4: God appeared to Gideon again that night and told him to cut down the tree grove for Baal and build an altar to the LORD.  One of the Ten Commandments was/is, "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me."  Later, the Spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon for a specific purpose and he blew a trumpet in the land (Judges 6:34).


Sunday School Lesson Activity 310 Puzzle for GideonSunday School Lesson Activity 310 Puzzle for Gideon

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Puzzle to review the life and battles of Gideon the judge of Israel.  12 puzzle pieces have clues and answers written on their sides.  Students arrange the pieces to form a rectangle.  Use the clues provided or make your own version of the puzzle.

Sunday School Lesson Activity 311 Gideon's Victory with 300 menSunday School Lesson Activity 311 Gideon's Victory with 300 men

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This is the printable version of the clay jar that Gideon and his men used to defeat enemies of Israel.  The jar has pictures inscribed on the side to help you tell the story of the test by the dry and wet fleece, the sorting of the soldiers and the final victory over Midian.