Sunday School Lesson 307 Cities of Refuge

Lesson: 307

Lesson Name: The Cities of Refuge
Theme: Salvation: Provision For All

Reading: Joshua 20:1-9

Memory Verse: Ps. 46:1
Memory Verse Text: God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Talking Points

Point 1: The plan for the cities of refuge all started with God; God knew that there would be a need and He knew what the need would be.  As a result, God made sure that the need was met.
Point 2: The enemy was identified as the avenger of blood.  Amongst men, while in the heat of an offence, vengeance is often hastily and poorly considered as the best choice and quickly brought to pass.
Point 3: There were to be six cities of refuge across the land, nearby to all, that the guilty could flee to for safety.  Once in the city of refuge, the guilty party was to have a fair hearing and the mourners had time to cool off.
Point 4: Note David's cry later on when Joab slew Abner for killing his younger brother; David's cry had to do with the fact that Abner died right in the gate of a city of refuge.