Sunday School Lesson 305 The Trick of the Gibeionites

Lesson: 305

Lesson Name: The Trick of the Gibeonites
Theme: Sin's Attractiveness / Distractions

Reading: Joshua 8:1-35; 9:1-27

Memory Verse: Prov. 3:5
Memory Verse Text: Trust in the Lord with all thine heart: and lean not unto thine own understanding.

Talking Points

Point 1: The Gibeonites were afraid of the Israelites because of what they had heard, so they made a plan to save their own lives.  In successfully carrying out their plans, Israel agreed to be an ally to the Gibeonites and not hurt them.  It is possible that the Gibeonites had heard that Rahab received a sure word from the Israelites and they knew that an agreement with Israel themselves would be kept.  Application: Appearances can be deceiving!
Point 2: Israel had the Living and Omniscient God with them... how could they ever be fooled?  Joshua had built an altar, wrote out the law, and read it to the people (Joshua 8:30,32,34),  however, he acted independently to make his decision regarding the Gibeonites and did not ask God what they should do.  (He did this before one time at Ai.)  Even though Joshua had his suspensions, he trusted his own opinions and judgment.
Point 3: When the Israelites arrived at Gibeon, Chephirah, Beeroth, and Kirjathjearim on the third day, they were made to look like fools and realized that the Gibeonites had acted wisely.  Israel was bound by its word to spare the Gibeonites, but in turn, they became slaves to Israel for the rest of their lives.
Point 4: Israel was hindered from pursuing its own goals in Joshua 10 because they had to defend their allies, the Gibeonites, from the Amorites.