Sunday School Lesson 206 The Plagues of Egypt - Snakes and Blood in the Nile River

Lesson: 206
Lesson Name: The Plagues (Part 2 of 7): Snakes and Blood
Theme: Sin's Danger and Consequences

Reading: Exodus 6:1-3; 7:10-25

Memory Verse: Hebrews 12:25
Memory Verse Text: See that ye refuse not Him that speaketh.


Lesson Content Suggestions 

Point 1: Exodus 6:3; Jehovah, the Self-Existing One, needs no one, however, He still reveals Himself to others including sinners.  "Jehovah" is the name linked with redemption.
Point 2: Aaron's rod turned into a snake, but so did the magicians' rods with their tricks.  After exclaiming, "See we have power just like you.", Aaron's serpent swallowed theirs up!  Application: There are lots of imitations, but only one real thing!
Point 3: Moses and Aaron met Pharaoh at the river and repeated God's demand.  Upon refusal, the river was made into blood in the sight of all.  Even though the magicians had witnessed what happened with the serpent, they insisted on trying the same because they were satisfied with their pretence, self-impressed with their power, and still unrepentant.
Point 4: Just like the magicians, Pharaoh was not repentant.  Instead, he hardened his heart and shut his ears.  How stupid could he be?  Pharaoh was supposed to be the leader, but his foolish heart was darkened.

Notes: PLAGUES: 1) Water turned to blood, 2) Frogs, 3) Lice, 4) Flies, 5) Cattle Die, 6) Boils, 7) Hail, 8) Locusts, 9) Darkness, 10) First born dies


Sunday School Lesson Activity 205 The Plagues of EgyptSunday School Lesson Activity 205 The Plagues of Egypt

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Review game for the 10 plagues of Egypt.  Printable bingo cards and 10 plagues dice.  Review the names of the plagues of Eqypt by calling out the name of the plagues that appear on the paper dice.  Students place coins or markers on their cards to complete a line of four names.



Sunday School Lesson Activity 211 - Passover in EgyptSunday School Lesson Activity 211 - Passover in Egypt

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This is a 3D printable paper model of two houses in Egypt during the night of the Passover.  One house has blood on the door.  The people inside are ready to leave the country.  The other house shows a dead boy in the arms of his father.

Sunday School Lesson Activity 211 The Passover and the last plague in Egypt - Security of SalvationSunday School Lesson Activity 211 The Passover and the last plague in Egypt - Security of Salvation

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This worksheet will help you compare the salvation the people of Israel experienced with the salvation that people today can experience through the true Lamb of God.