Sunday School Lesson 123 Joseph's Dream

Lesson: 123

Lesson Name: Joseph's Dream
Theme: Christ the Lord / Mocker's Consequences

Reading: Genesis 37:1-11

Memory Verse: Rom. 14:11
Memory Verse Text: Every knee shall bow to me.

Talking Points:

Point 1: Joseph was his father's favorite, a fact which Jacob couldn't help from showing.  (There likely was a moral reason for this favoritism if Jacob could have perceived it.)  As a result, Joseph was seen as unique amongst his brothers.  Application: It would be foolish to show favoritism in our families since everyone has failed in some way.
Point 2: God also marked Joseph out as unique by giving him a revelation in a dream.  God told him in a special way what the future held.  How does He tell us today?
Point 3: Joseph's brothers hated him for what he had said, but Jacob kept what Joseph had said in mind and thought about it (Gen. 37:11).
Point 4: Read Gen. 43:26 with the class to show the fulfillment of God's promise and remind everyone that God will keep His every word.


Sunday School Lesson Activity 123 Joseph Mini Story BookSunday School Lesson Activity 123 Joseph Mini Story Book

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Mini coloring book and full-page pictures of the life of Joseph in the book of Genesis.  21 pictures.  Use the small picture books as a take-home activity for students.  Use the larger pictures for telling the story or for hanging on the bulletin board.


Sunday School Lesson Activity 123 Joseph's DreamsSunday School Lesson Activity 123 Joseph's Dreams

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This is a printable activity for a Sunday school class.  Print two sheets on paper or card stock, cut out the circular wheels and the viewing window, attach the two pieces together in the center and see Joseph's dreams float past him as you turn the back wheel.  Review the dreams in Joseph's life or have the students tell you the Joseph story based on the important dreams he had as well as the dreams of others.

Sunday School Lesson Activity 123 Puzzle of JosephSunday School Lesson Activity 123 Puzzle of Joseph

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Review puzzle for the story of Joseph and his betrayal by his brothers.  Students must assembly a group of puzzle pieces with clues written on their sides.  Use the questions and answers included in this puzzle or create your own.