Sunday School Lesson 119 Jacob Esau and the Birthright

Lesson: 119

Lesson Name: The Twins and The Birthright
Theme: Sin's Foolishness and Carelessness / Mocker's Consequences

Reading: Genesis 25:20-34

Memory Verse: Hebrews 12:16
Memory Verse Text: Esau . . .  sold his birthright.

Talking Points:

Point 1: Jacob and Esau's choices reflected their personalities.  Jacob was a quiet thinker, clever, and had clear goals.  Esau was macho and cunning, but he did not think ahead.  Esau was probably more likeable!
Point 2: Mention the sorrows of favoritism as seen in Gen. 25:28.  Possession of the birthright meant being heir to the promises God had made to Abraham.
Point 3: Esau, the "more likeable" son, was outsmarted from the benefit of his birthright.  Application: It is not always the "more likeable" that will be saved.
Point 4: Esau despised his birthright, and in the desire of the moment, he sold it for an appealing meal of soup and bread.  The food had no future value whereas his birthright had great future value.


Sunday School Lesson Activity 120 Jacob and Esau - the blessing stolen.pdfSunday School Lesson Activity 120 Jacob and Esau - the blessing stolen.pdf

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3d printable activity.  Print the scene to help teach the Bible story where Rebecka listens to Isaac giving the blessing to Jacob while Esau is out in the field hunting.