Sunday School Lesson 108 God's Belssing on Noah

Lesson: 108 Lesson Name: God's Blessings on Noah
Theme: God Made a Covenant with Man

Reading: Genesis 9:1-19

Memory Verse: Luke 1:50
Memory Verse Text: His mercy is on them that fear Him

Talking Points

Point 1: Promises made: Blessing of God rests with those who have obeyed His voice and taken shelter within His provision.  Noah had been delivered, blessed in fruitfulness, and given sovereignty.
Point 2: Requirements were imposed in relation to: Responsibility towards all creatures, reproduction was encouraged, the food they themselves could eat, murder and capital punishment.
Point 3: The appearance of the sign of God's covenant, the rainbow, from time to time was a reminder of God's faithfulness.  Note that God would look upon it and remember his everlasting covenant between God and the earth.  How good it is to see this pertinent reminder... it should call the heart to remember the God who spared Noah.
Point 4: For more mature classes, a warning about drinking, losing control, and immorality is not out of line.  Kids are far more aware of the incidents of sexual abuse, immorality, and homosexuality than the previous generations ever were. 

 If you do handle Point 4 with your class, take care in the way you present it.  Take counsel with both male and/or female partners and mature believers as to how to mention what you want to cover.


  1. icon Sunday School Lesson Activity 216 Commandment 6 You shall not murder - Capital punishment began with Noah's covenant with God.  What biblical reasons are there for executing murderers?
  2. icon Sunday School Lesson Activity 003 Road Signs with a Spiritual Message - Noah's preaching was ignored by his generation with fatal consequences.  What "road signs" in the Bible should we pay attention to?
  3. icon Sunday School Lesson Activity 012 - Lifes Day - A lesson about the shortness of life - Jesus said that the generation of Noah was caught unprepared.  How much time will you have to be saved?  Life is short.
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  5. icon Sunday School Lesson Activity 106 Noah Ark and Flood Power Point - Presentation to show the life of Noah.
  6. icon Sunday School Lesson Activity 106 Noah in the Ark - Scale model of Noah's Ark.
  7. icon Sunday School Lesson Activity 106 The Ark and the Titanic Power Point - Compare what are perhaps the two most famous ships in history.


Skit #2 - Noah Builds the Ark to Escape the Flood Part 1


Skit #2 - Noah Builds the Ark to Escape the Flood Part 2


Summary: Express the joy and appreciation that Noah must have had at his deliverance.  In addition, remind the class of the sad but obvious truth that Noah was still subject to temptation and vulnerable to sinful tendencies.  Noah even became snared at a time when he knew an abundance of God's blessings.