Sunday School Lesson 107 Noah after the flood

Lesson: 107
Lesson Name: After the Flood
Theme: God's Promise - He Keeps It / Eternal Security

Reading: Genesis 8:1-22

Memory Verse: Genesis 8:1
Memory Verse Text: God remembered Noah.

Talking Points:

Point 1: God remembered Noah AND every living thing.  When the ark came to a rest, Noah sent forth the raven after 40 days.  The raven became occupied in it's same old activities and found satisfaction.
Point 2: Next, Noah sent forth a dove, which could only find satisfaction once all things had become new, therefore, it could not rest.  Noah sent the dove forth again after another seven days and upon its return, brought a sign (an olive leaf) that growth had begun.  When sent away again after another seven days, the dove found delight in new things.
Point 3: Noah removed the covering of the ark and saw that the ground was dry, yet he does not go forth until God speaks to him, "Go forth."
Point 4: Noah's first deed after coming forth was to build an altar and take of evey clean beast and every clean fowl and offer a sacrifice to God.  The offering's sweet savour was something for God!  The greatness of Noah's giving shows the depth of his appreciation for the deliverance.  Note that the promise at the end of the chapter is not based on God thinking that man's heart was now changed and that His faithfulness would be in reponse to man's.


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