Sunday School Lesson 106 Noah in the Ark

Lesson: 106 Lesson Name: In the Ark
Theme: God's Provision - Its Fullness

Reading: Genesis 7:1-24

Memory Verse: Heb. 11:7
Memory Verse Text: Noah, moved with fear, prepared an ark.

Talking Points:

Point 1: God's voice governed what Noah did as he acted to preserve the creatures.  Note that there were 2s of every creature and 7s of the clean animals.  Clean animals were to be used for sacrifices as well as for food, therefore God planned that there would be more available.
Point 2: They entered as the Lord commanded Noah and the Lord shut them in.  Since they had been shut in by God and God was with them in the ark, why would they be concerned about the storm?
Point 3: The waters prevailed, covering even the mountains.  Depending on the age of your class, it may be well to remind them that there is geological and scientific evidence of a worldwide flood.  Also, it could be shown how quickly the water must have risen so that the deluge would have overwhelmed the unbelievers very quickly.
Point 4: Outside the ark, all died (Gen. 7:21-23).  Inside the ark, Noah and them that were with him had life (Gen. 7:23).

Notes: Keep in mind that if everyone in your class is saved, it may be profitable to show them that, in reality, Noah does not appear as a sinner.  He instead appears as a just man that feared God and worked righteousness, yet also needed to know the salvation which the Gospel brings.


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