Sunday School Lesson 105 Flood Conditions Sin

Lesson: 105
Lesson Name: Flood Conditions
Theme: Sin's Darkness and Danger

Reading: Genesis 6:1-13

Memory Verse: Gen. 6:5
Memory Verse Text: God saw that the wickedness of man was great.

Hands-on activity: a printable scale model of Noah's ark.

Noah's Ark Printable Scale Model


Attention Getter: Do you know what I saw?  (Perhaps someone stealing, etc.)  What do you think I did?  What should I have done?

Talking Points:

Point 1: Cain was sent away and he eventually married and had children.  Hundreds of years passed and men only seemed to get worse.  Seth, another of Adam's many sons, also had children.  Noah was Seth's great great great (many times) grandson.
Point 2: Emphasize the many mentions in Gen. 6 of words like wickedness, evil, corrupt, corrupted, violence.  God was grieved; note the mentions of repented, grieved, etc.
Point 3: God warned, "My spirit shall not always strive with man."  Time was running out.  God shortened man's lifetime to 120 years.
Point 4: God noticed Noah, he walked with God.  God made a difference, why?  Noah was still a sinner, but he continued to avail himself of God's provision to cover his sins!


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Summary: God saw it and God did something about it.  He always does!