Your First Visit



The Gospel Hall is a carefully chosen name for the meeting place of a church who meets in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The emphasis on the Bible's message, called the Gospel, gives the building its name because of what we do there: we preach the Bible.

Moment of Truth 

People here have a common theme - each one has experienced a moment of truth with God that gives them confidence to face life, death and even eternity beyond.  Check out some of the Personal Stories to see what we mean by this special moment of understanding called salvation.  Each person has faced his/her own guilt before God regarding things done wrong, that is, our personal sin.  This moment of salvation doesn't have to occur during a service at the Gospel Hall.  In fact, many were saved while doing other things such while trying to do homework, or even after going to a drug party, or while contemplating suicide while lying on the floor.

What kind of Church is the Gospel Hall? 

It dificult to go to a church that you know nothing about.  You probably have dozens of questions swirling around your mind such as:

  • Will the preacher rant and rave and shout strange things from the platform?
  • Are there secrets or rituals that only "the members" know about? 
  • Of course they want me to donate money, right?
  • Is this church a political platform for "fixing America?"

First, you can be assured that the services here are done orderly and politely.  

Second, the teachings you will hear are not motivated by politics or cult-like agendas.  The primary goal of the services is to help people understand what the Bible says.  You can get an idea of the services by listening to some sample messages in MP3 audio download section. 

Oh, yes, the money.  The policy at the Gospel Hall is that no collections are ever taken from visitors at any services.  We believe if we can't afford to be offering the service ourselves, then we shouldn't be asking you to pay for it. 

Our Roots 

The history of the assemblies who meet in the Gospel Hall will show you that our mentors and teachers came from Great Britain during the early 1800's time of influence of the Plymouth Brethren.

Your Needs 

We want you to know that we are dedicated to helping you with your needs wherever you are in life.  While there is a lot to read on this website, the best way to discover the feel of a place is by spending time with its people. Once you do this, we're convinced that you will find everything that you're looking for and much, much more. 

Your First Visit

We would love for you to join us for one of our services. You should...

  1. Contact one of the churches listed in the directory.  The phone number is probably a person's home phone or cell phone.  They are expecting you to call and ask about the church.  They probably will be willing to meet with you beforehand if you have questions.
  2. Pick a Service.  See the Gospel Hall FAQs to read about the various types of meetings held in the Hall.
  3. Go to the Hall for the service.
  4. After the service stay around and talk.  Getting aquainted after the service can sometimes last longer than the service for some people!